NextLevel Apparel

The team at NLA, one of our premier apparel partners have advised that they will be doing an inventory audit in December. That means all orders requiring NLA apparel should be to us no later than The end of November. 

NLA Communication to 3TX

We've rescheduled the launch of the new ERP to January 3rd 2021. As a valued NLA customer, we want to make sure we're 100% confident in our new system to effectively fulfill and ship your orders.
In preparation for the implementation, we must conduct a complete and thorough physical inventory. This will take place across all of our warehouses from December 18th 2021 - January 2nd 2022.


As a result, we will not be processing or shipping any orders during Dec. 18th - Jan. 2nd 2022.  Last shipping date will be December 17th 2021. In addition, because we anticipate operations at less than 100% during the first week or two post implementation, coupled with the impact of seasonal holidays, we highly recommend that you pull as many orders as possible into October through early December. This will reduce the likelihood of delays in receipt of needed merchandise.